Planning a new bathroom

Are you planning a new bathroom? It may not be a simple as just called your local bathroom fitters, and hoping for the best price. You will need to think about colour schemes, look, design etc. It’s always ideal to have some of these factors in mind before calling your local bathroom installers, so we’re going to provide some advice to help get you started.

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Changing your bathroom layout

The first mistake most people make, it thinking that to improve their bathroom they need to change the positioning of everything.

But all this does is make the job more labour intensive and potentially more expensive with regards to parts, flooring etc. Sometimes the best way to upgrade your bathroom is to just change the flooring, tiles and painting the walls. Also changing the taps and loo seat can be done very affordably and add that extra feeling of freshness to your bathroom.

If you do choose to change the layout it worths considering a few things.

Firstly, consider how your situation may change in the upcoming years, whether you plan on growing a family and potentially need a bath, or if you are looking to sell your house a bath or a bath/shower in one will add a broader appeal.

Secondly, make sure you measure your bathroom yourself carefully and note where all of the pipes are. In most cases, heating and bathroom companies like ourselves will measure of and give you a no-obligation quote for free.

Finally, in an age where everybody shops online, it can be worth visiting your local bathroom showroom just to get some ideas of styles and sizings. This can be incredibly helpful in the long run, even if you don’t plan on purchasing from them.

Size and space matters!

If you are sourcing your materials yourself, it is always worth making sure you are realistic about your space and even though that lovely wide and deep bath may seem like a good idea now, it can prove a nightmare in the future.

Also, by cramming in larger fittings you will make the room feel smaller than it actually is. Again, when planning on the future, it can make your bathroom less appealing to potential buyers. Research ways of making the most of your square meterage. Wet rooms can often be a great way of utilizing this!


Ventilation is often an afterthought for some people, or in other cases – not a thought at all. This often results in people just leaving a window open, which in the winter in the UK can make for a very cold bathroom! Also, if you have an en-suite you can end up with steam and therefore moisture spilling into your bedroom.

Make sure you research or take professional advice on the best ventilation options for your bathroom space.

Without the correct ventilation, you can end up with damp issues in your bathroom. This can also be a problem if you have wooden features or furniture in the room.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom, like any other room, is of course important. But particularly in ensuites. If the bathroom is being used in the middle of the night a bright light flashing on is not only comfortable for the user but also uncomfortable for anyone else in the room. At Horton’s, we always recommend different levels of bathroom lighting, especially ensuites. A lower level light enables you to prevent waking up others or yourself up!

Space saving tips

For those of you with that love your bathroom, but would just like to save that extra little bit of space, here are our top five space saving tips.

  • Add towel rails to the door.
  • Install a slimmer trough sink.
  • Chose a vanity sink with a shelf or multiple shelves
  • Wall mounted tap – this style means your sink can be closer to the wall and not protrude into the bathroom too much.
  • Use a shower curtain or sliding door rather one that opens into the room.

For more information on our bathroom services head to our bathrooms information page here.

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