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Money Saving Plumbing Tips - Horton's Plumbing Services

Money Saving Plumbing Tips

Here at Horton’s our customers always come first. That is we’ve compiled our favourite money saving plumbing tips to ensure you’re aren’t being wasteful! All homes are full of intricately designed plumbing systems, yet most people don’t expect for anything to ever go wrong!

It is possible, however, to avoid common problems with some simple home plumbing maintenance checks.

Money Saving Plumbing Tips
Find a reliable local plumber

Finding a reliable plumber that you can call is always incredibly helpful. If you find a plumber that you liked then make sure the next time you have an issue that you call them back. They will know their way around your plumbing system and therefore be able to get the job done much more quickly than someone who doesn’t.

Steer clear from liquid drain cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners generate a chemical reaction within the pipe, this can result in damage due to the heat generated by the chemical reaction. The chemicals can then also sit in the pipe causing the pipe to weaken or even worse, melt!

Don’t let your drains become smelly!

It sounds obvious, but most people don’t act upon this soon enough. If your drains are smelling, then it is highly likely that something is wrong with your home plumbing system! The way drainage systems are built includes venting which ensures that odours do not affect the home. There could be various reasons causing smelly drains, we highly recommend you contact a local plumber rather than trying to investigate the problem yourself!

Check running toilets and leaking taps

Leaking taps and running toilets are an obvious money saver. By fixing this you are saving money on your water bill, but what most people don’t realise is that these leaking appliances can cause long-term damage. By having a local plumber make a quick fix, you can save having whole parts or appliances needing replacing. if you’d like to look at the tap yourself, here is a great explainer by Wickes.

Check your water pressure

Try not to neglect water pressure issues. These issues, in particular, can spiral out of control leaving you with large plumbing bills. As soon as you detect these problems, ensure you call a professional plumber to investigate the problem and give you a solution.

Add a sink strainer plug into your kitchen

Make sure you add a sink strainer plug into your kitchen to stop food going into your pipes and plumbing systems. Small bits of food may not cause issues straight away, but they will begin to clog your pipes over time. You can get one of these for little over £5 here or here.

Only flush toilet roll in your toilet

Your toilet is designed to flush human waste and toilet paper. Try to avoid flushing make up wipes, even ones that claim to be ‘flushable’ often can cause damage and clogs. This also includes not flushing hair, sanitary towels and cigarettes. What may just start with a clogged could end up as a far larger problem!

A yearly check of larger appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers

It’s a common fact that over the years appliances such as washing machines and dishwasher become less effective. By ensuring you maintain them yearly, will save you money in efficiency, but also save you money by increasing their lifespan or reducing the chance of a breakdown.


If you need a reliable local plumber in the Maidenhead, Berkshire area click here or the button below to read more about our services. 

Money Saving Plumbing Tips
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Money Saving Plumbing Tips
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